Engel Flügel Natur JDL 42,00 CHF

Engel Flügel Rosa JDL JDL 15,00 CHF

Engel Flügel, Tüll. 50cm JDL. 50cm 35,00 CHF

Engel Flügel. Spitze 15cm JDL. 15cm. The lace is patinated by hand, that means the fabric shimmers in tea colored shades. 12,00 CHF

Madona Krone-JDL 13cm 15,50 CHF

Übertopf Krone Weiss Gross Chic Antique. Antike Weiss. H15/D15cm 15,00 CHF

Übertopf Krone Weiss klein Chic Antique. Antike Weiss. H15/D13cm 10,00 CHF